By Jacques Rainville
In 2000, the Lanos is back, with a choice of two engines : the 1.5 liter on the S Model and the 1.6, standard on the SX version. Esthetics wise, the sedan I test drove shows a both elegant and modern silhouette.

Designed all the way by the world reknowned ItalDesign, this car, according to me, is still in fashion. On the other hand, Daewoo probably had better have a specific grill for each model.

Access to the front is relatively easy while it is a bit tighter at the rear, on account of its narrow doors.

The front section featuring comfortable bucket seats, is friendly. The driver seat provides an adequate driving position; all you have to do is set the proper body matching seat adjustment.

There is one trait that I have to mention here. I could be an irritating factor in the winter when a driver wearing boots might find the pedals too close together.

Knee room at the rear is variable and depends on the front seat adjustment, as is the case for several low priced sub-compacts. It can be considered as decent.

The 40-60 split folding rear bench allows an increase of the trunk's cargo capacity. The trunk, by the way, is of good dimension. The trunk lid is a tad narrow.

The choice of materials as well as the finish level are just average. Daewoo had better put more care into certain details relevant to the assembling of interior trims.

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