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MINI is a British car company presently owned by the BMW Group. Its small, lightweight cars offer retro-looking designs, great fuel economy and world-class handling.

Oil shortages in many countries, including the U.K., pushed the British Motor Corporation (BMC) to come to market with a thrifty little automobile in 1959 – the original Mini, penned by Sir Alec Issigonis.

At first, it was sold under different names, including Austin 850, Morris 850, Austin Partner, Morris Mascot and Austin Seven. The Mini designation appeared in 1961 when BMC launched the Austin Mini.

During the sixties, the car became very popular, with high-profile celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II acquiring a copy from a number of available body styles. Production of the first-generation Mini reached 1,190,000 units at the end of the decade. However, BMC sold it nearly below cost, so profits were minimal.

Meanwhile, race car driver John Cooper, famous for developing F1 and rally cars, partnered with the company to design the Mini Cooper – a nimble, fuel-efficient and affordable model unveiled in 1961. The more powerful Cooper S followed two years later.

BMC, Standard-Triumph and Rover all merge to form British Leyland in 1968, just as the U.S. government announced that the Mini failed to meet safety and emission standards. The third generation and the ensuing evolutions never made it across the Atlantic, but they found a home elsewhere around the globe up until 2000.

The Mini Clubman and 1275GT made their debut in 1969. The former became the first-ever automobile to use a printed circuit board behind the instrument panel, while the latter featured reinforced-sidewall tires. They combined to produce 583,862 units until they were replaced by the Austin Metro in 1980.

Throughout the '80s and '90s, several special editions were introduced in the U.K. and turned the Mini into a highly-coveted, ultra-trendy product. BMW eventually purchased the brand.

On October 4, 2000, the last original Mini as we know it, a red Cooper Sport, came out of the factory. The German automaker later decided to modernize the car. A real resurrection then took place.

The new MINI was inaugurated in 2001 before landing in Canada and the United States the following year. A convertible variant hit the market in 2005. Both models were redesigned for 2007-2008, and new performance models labelled 'John Cooper Works' were introduced.

The MINI family has kept growing ever since and now includes the Cooper hatchback and convertible, the Cooper Clubman wagon (2008), the Cooper Countryman crossover (2010) and the all-new Cooper Coupé, which debuted in 2011 as a 2012 model.
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2014 MINI Cooper Review

The best so far?

I've driven a lot of MINIs over the years, and totally by choice. You all know by now my obsession and slightly biased opinions when it comes to MINIs. I adore these little cars from their quirky designs to their go-kart drivability. There's just something about a MINI that really speaks to me.

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2014 MINI Cooper S Review


I dare you to look at this car and not smile. Come on. Try. Try and be angry or upset looking at a bright orange MINI Cooper S. Now, try and maintain that scowl when you flick the fighter-pilot-like keyless ignition switch to awaken the turbocharged mill causing a glorious little burble and fart from the centre-mounted dual exhausts.

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Pre-owned vehicles  |  Sunday, April 06, 2014 by Justin Pritchard

MINI Cooper : Used

MINI Cooper loved for efficient fun, but beware of some well-documented issues

The second-generation MINI Cooper was available in a plethora of trim grades, body styles and variations, which launched initially in 2006 with others phased in over the following years. Before long, generation 2 of the new MINI Cooper could be specified as a hatchback, a wagon, a convertible, a mini-SUV, a van, a coupe, or a roadster.

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2014 MINI John Cooper Works Preview

Besides the free-wheeling joy the feisty 2014 MINI John Cooper Works brings to highway driving, you'll also love its road handling, particularly in an urban environment. And although the MINI JCW delivers relatively better performance, it also boasts relatively low fuel consumption.

Industry  |  Monday, June 09, 2014

Top 10 Botched Refreshes/Redesigns from the last 15 years

Original designs often times set the bar. Their innovative lines and style entice consumers to visit showrooms and is often enough to convince them to sign on the dotted line.

Industry  |  Thursday, June 05, 2014

A MINI Cooper made of... LEGOs

LEGO is sure to draw interest from car enthusiasts with the global release of a MINI Cooper Mk VII package.

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2014 MINI Cooper Review
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MINI Cooper : Used

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