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Top 10: Least-Satisfying Vehicles

Your vehicle is the second largest purchase you’ll ever make in your life. Along with your place of residence, your car is kind of a big deal, which means it’s rather important to make the right choice. Some people feel they’ve made such a good choice that they continue to buy the same model time and time again as generations are updated. However, there are also those who buy a specific brand or model and right then and there decide they will never buy it again. Sure, some products talk to the talk, but they don’t always walk the walk -- or is that drive the drive? Either way, the following are a list of the top 10 least-satisfying vehicles, as researched and revealed by Consumer Reports when they asked owners to consider attributes like cargo space, fuel economy, styling, comfort, repair costs, driving dynamics and overall value, and they should all be a lesson to us that expectations really are a stinker sometimes. NOTE: All statistics were compiled by Consumer Reports.