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2005 Bentley Arnage Preview

Perfection in Process

Ultra-premium marques such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley don't update their models

Bentley is breaking out of the traditional ultra-premium mold, updating their models more often and aggressively selling them at lower prices. (Photo: Bentley Motors)
as often as economy brands, but the latter of the two is starting to buck old trends. After doffing conservative old Rolls-Royce, Bentley is beginning to spread its legendary wings.

Its Continental GT has seriously ruffled exotic feathers at Newport Pagnell, still upstaging Aston Martin's new DB9 even though it was introduced almost a year prior. Bentley went and trounced its competition yet further by pricing the new model too close to the entry-levels of most exotic brands for comfort.

While the multi-award-winning GT is gorgeous, a revitalized Arnage is at least as important from a business perspective. I previously have had the pleasure of piloting the luxury biased R and sport-oriented T during the

While still pulling classic cues, the 2005 Arnage streamlines the look further. (Photo: Bentley Motors)
model year 2003 media launch in California, and can attest to both model's unsurpassed capabilities.

But as exciting as either Arnage was to drive, what stole my heart initially was their classic styling. While still pulling classic cues, the 2005 Arnage streamlines the look further with a sculpted wrap-around front fascia-fender assembly and exposed xenon low and halogen high beam quad headlamps, losing the glass covered beams in the process. The new car also leaves behind the large vertical turn signals at each front corner, but rather integrates them into the outside headlights for a much cleaner appearance.