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A look at Pivo 2- Nissan's strange looking electric concept

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If you're into auto shows, chances are you've seen a few interesting looking concept cars. Some are futuristic; some are wild, while others, like the Nissan Pivo 2, really take the cake when it comes to visual wackiness.

Pivo is powered by advanced and compact lithium ion batteries, though the real story is its bulbous shaped passenger compartment perched atop a flat platform surrounded by four small wheels.

It looks a bit like something out of a Disney movie, though the odd shape enables the cabin to rotate 360 degrees- negating the need for a reverse gear. The wheels, additionally, can rotate 90 degrees, allowing Pivo 2 to drive forwards and sideways. If nothing else, Pivo 2 would virtually eliminate parking-lot mishaps for good.

Would-be Pivo 2 owners may find their friends reluctant to accompany them on a road trip, though an on-board robotic agent is designed to relax the driver and keep them company, while operating navigation and vehicle controls through voice command. Conversations are possible in English and Japanese.

Pivo 2 will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show from October 27th.