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Khatir Soltani

Editor and General Manager
Immersed in the world of the web since 1997, Khatir has climbed the echelons in the field of online marketing, mastering all its facets, from advertising to monetization to business development. He has excelled in the art of optimizing digital space in the constant pursuit of profitability. At the helm of Auto123 since 2018, Khatir has continued in this pursuit, leveraging and optimizing the well-known brand to enrich its automotive content, while aligning it with current business trends. Also driven by a passion for cars that began as a child, Khatir naturally took on the challenge of testing every vehicle that crossed his path from the perspective of a typical consumer. Whether it's a family car, SUV or sports car, he acts as the consumer's spokesman, making rigorous comparisons with other vehicles in the same category.

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