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Dodge announces new Journey crossover

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Dodge doesn't yet have a crossover SUV in its lineup, but that's about to change. The American automaker says their upcoming 2009 Journey offers something for any trip- versatility, safety, plenty of storage, flexibility, child friendly features and capability in any weather.

Journey takes the best attributes of a minivan, a passenger car and an SUV and combines them into a single machine that amounts to the so-called "right sized" crossover for the Dodge brand.

"The all-new Dodge Journey gives our customers the entire package," said Michael Manley, Chrysler's Executive Vice President of International Sales. "With its unique combination of purposeful versatility and bold, youthful styling, this new vehicle from Dodge delivers safety, quality and reliability at a great value. Journey also blends innovative technology, entertainment features and useful storage, all wrapped together with an attitude that can only be Dodge."

Journey rolls on Chrysler's global D-segment platform and comes with 5+2 seating and an impressive list of safety features including three-row side airbags and ESP. There's also all wheel drive and an available backup camera too.

No surprises under the hood- as available engines include several four and six cylinder units from 2.4 to 3.5 litres displacement, topping out as the RT models 235 horsepower V6. There's a two-litre turbo diesel engine available too- but not to Canadians, of course.

Expect to see Journey SE, SXT and RT models on Canadian showroom floors in mid-2008.