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eco:Drive, a green driving management program

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For the inauguration of the Mondial de l'automobile de Paris, Fiat has introduced a computer application that allows owners of certain Fiat models to improve the way they drive: the program informs them of the effects their driving style has on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It is dubbed eco:Drive.

Owners of certain Fiat models can download the application from the manufacturer's website at To use the application, drivers simply need to insert a USB key in the appropriate slot on the car's consol and then plug it into a USB port on their computer to transfer the data, which eco:Drive will analyze.

The application gives drivers a grade out of 100, the ecoIndex, that determines their driving style. It will then suggest tips on daily routes and tricks that can help reduce consumption by up to 15%. Finally, eco:Drive lets drivers know how many kilometres have been travelled, the quantity of CO2 emissions that have been produced and fuel that has been consumed. Fiat plans on extending the use of the application to its entire lineup.