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Continental Launches Its First-Ever All-Weather Tire in Canada

Continental Tire recently launched the new General Grabber APT, an all-purpose-terrain tire designed for all surfaces and weather conditions, including on-road, off-road and in the snow.

The new model fills a hole in the current Grabber lineup of tires, slotting in between the AT2 and HTS60. The company describes it as an optimal mix of rugged off-road capability and excellent on-road performance, in all weather conditions.

"We think this new all-weather product will start to fill in the demand gap in the Canadian market for an all-year round tire. General Grabber APT is a perfect fit even during winter for consumers living close to or in the city, such as Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver city and even Montreal," said Okan Sen, General Tire's director of marketing.

Advanced Comfort Balance technology helps deliver improved ride smoothness and optimal comfort by absorbing road imperfections. In addition, the tread has grooves angled away from the centre grooves that recue noise and provide a quieter ride. The exclusive StabiliTread technology, meanwhile, ensures even wear and longer tread life. Durability is further enhanced by the DuraGen technology used in the construction process, which increases resistance to cuts and chips.

Backed by a 96,000km warranty, the new General Grabber APT is available in 26 different size formats, with the diameter varying between 16 and 22 inches. Two other sizes were designed specifically for the standard tires offered with the Nissan TITAN. The mountain and snowflake icon on its flanks also demarks the new tire as a winter-capable model, certified and legal for use in wintertime.