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Six Gladiator-Inspired Concepts Debut at Moab Jeep Safari

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In keeping with an annual tradition, Jeep has revealed a series of special concept vehicles ahead of its 2019 Moab Easter Safari taking place in the Moab region of Utah.

Predictably, the prototypes unveiled this year are all based on the manufacturer’s new star attraction, the Gladiator pickup. Each of the models gets the Gladiator tag, followed by: Wayout, M715 Five-Quarter, J6, Scrambler, Flatbill and Gravity. Each one is fully functional will be put to the test during the Moab event.

Photo gallery of the new Jeep Gladiator concepts

Here’s a rundown of each model’s form and main function.

Gladiator Wayout

This version was designed with camping in mind, so it gets rails above the cargo space, and a two-person tent can be installed there. The front bumper is exclusive and it harbors a winch.

Jeep Gladiator Waybill
Photo: Jeep
Jeep Gladiator Waybill