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Q1 from Audi Confirmed

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And so the compact utility vehicle continues to grow as Audi confirms there will be a brand new Q model in 2016; the Q1. 

Designed to be an entry-level CUV model in the Q family, this particular utility vehicle is set to be more of an urbanite than an off-roader. Despite that, Audi suspects the Q1 will appeal to young male drivers, as opposed to the A1 that seems to be favoured by women. 

With vehicles like the Nissan JUKE and Jeep Renegade in its sights, the Audi Q1 will bring in customers who perhaps didn’t think small and convenient meant luxury; well Audi is about to change that. 

There has been no word on what engine the Q1 will sport, however, speculation is that the Q1 will share mills with the A1: a turbocharged 1.4L along with a 1.6L diesel. 

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