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So, a blonde drives a Bentley in Monaco...

So, a blonde drives a Bentley in Monaco...

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And the punchline ensues, or in this case the punch in the wallet.

Sometimes it's difficult to remember the difference between the throttle and the brake, at least it was for a young woman in Monte Carlo piloting a bright blue Bentley Azure. As she majestically rounded the parking entrance of a grand hotel, the Place du Casino, she momentarily forgot driving 101 and managed to ram into a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Ferrari F430, Aston Martin Rapide and a Porsche 911. Why she didn't aim for a Rolls-Royce to round out the bunch, we'll never know.

Within a few seconds, the Bentley-driving blonde managed to cause close to a million dollars worth of damage, and it was all her fault. The cars she smashed into were parked at the time. She thought she could sneak past the Mercedes and quickly realized the size of the Arange meant a no-go on that idea, and then of course the throttle/brake dilemma.

Any hopes that she could deny responsibility were dashed by the hundreds of bystanders who turned up to gawk and snap photos at the blonde's demise.

So, a blonde drives a Bentley in Monte Carlo... much to Miranda's dismay, we now know how that joke ends.