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Tokyo 2019: The future at Nissan is Called Ariya

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Tokyo, Japan - It doesn’t even bear repeating anymore: the immediate future belongs to SUVs. And Nissan has shown what the future of its product line will be like with the presentation of the Ariya concept (this prototype is actually very close to a production model). Nissan has not specified a date for possible commercialization, however.

In line with most other models presented in Tokyo, the Ariya brings together a host of the latest technologies, for instance the latest version of the ProPILOT 2.0 system, which introduces innovative boundary-pushing new systems like being able to change lanes using the vehicle’s the turn signal. The system can also assist the driver in overtaking and when changing lanes on multi-lane highways. This model, which is also fully electric, offers a dual front- and rear-engine configuration.

The Ariya being a concept, no figures were provided as to the range and power of the battery.

Photo: Nissan

Working from Nissan’s technological knowledge with four-wheel-drive technology, engineers created a new system to automatically manage the power and brakes of the Ariya, which according to Nissan delivers the ideal balance between power and comfort.

Virtual Concierge
Once inside, Nissan has included the Virtual Personal Assistant, which allows users to search for information and locate things like nearby available parking spaces. There’s also an intelligent route planner that automatically identifies and tracks charging stations along the way, ensuring that the driver arrives at the desired destination.

When parked at the office or at home, the Ariya concept supports Nissan Energy technology. This technology makes it possible to connect energy systems to charge the battery systems of electric vehicles, homes and electrical companies, and even sell power back to the power grid. According to the manufacturer, Nissan Energy helps drivers fully exploit the capabilities of the Ariya concept by expanding its use from just driving to include every aspect of life.

Photo: Nissan
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