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2020 Chrysler Pacifica: 10 Things Worth Knowing

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Auto123 decides what 10 things you really want to know about the versatile 2020 Chrysler Pacifica minivan.

No sooner was the Pacifica parked in my driveway, I undertook to do something I hadn’t done with a minivan for many, many moons – since the time, in fact, when I annually packed wife, children and gear (more or less in that order) into ours for a road trip to one of Maine’s lovely beaches. What was it I did? I started playing with the seat configurations of the versatile Chrysler to figure out just how many permutations were possible. And so it was that I came up with 10 things you really want to know about the 2020 Pacifica!

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# 1 The ultimate test

After all, the minivan’s versatility is its single most salient grace, the number-one reason buyers in the segment are ready to forego status and excitement to get a trusty family transporter. They are not drawn there by the engine, definitely not by the snazzy looks, and well maybe a little bit for the fuel economy. What matters is how well it accommodates the loved ones.

I attacked each of the Pacifica’s seats like it was a Rubik’s Cube. To make things more interesting, I forbade myself from consulting the owner’s manual. After all, it shouldn’t take a Mensa-level IQ to figure out how to modify the seating configuration of a vehicle.


Chrysler Pacifica, instructions for third-row seats
Photo: M.Crépault
Chrysler Pacifica, instructions for third-row seats

# 2 Advance to the rear

I started with the third-row seats, because most of the time when planning a road trip, these are the first ones to go depending on need in terms of people and/or stuff. Also it allowed me to ease into the project, standing as I was under the open hatch. The acrobatics and contortions on bended knees could wait for later, when I was more limbered up.

Chrysler Pacifica, straps for folding seats
Photo: M.Crépault
Chrysler Pacifica, straps for folding seats