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The Awards are annual awards given to the best vehicles of the year in various categories, such as Car of the Year, SUV of the Year and Truck of the Year. More than 20 categories are scrutinized. The winners are selected by the editorial team, which evaluates the vehicles based on various criteria. All the vehicles selected were driven by at least a majority of the voting journalists.

As part of the process, the editorial team examines each vehicle's technical characteristics, such as engine power, transmission, fuel consumption, safety and comfort features. It also evaluates the vehicle's style and design, as well as the quality of the interior and exterior.

When the members of's editorial team evaluate vehicles for the Awards, they place a premium on the quality of the driving experience. To assess this, the team conducts extensive road tests of each finalist vehicle in each category. In the event that two (or even more) vehicles finish in a tie, a journalist not on the selection panel will also vote for one of the tied vehicles.

During test drives, journalists drive the vehicles on different types of roads – city streets, winding country roads, highways - and in different driving conditions as much as possible. They evaluate vehicle performance, such as acceleration, braking and handling.

In addition, the editorial team evaluates each vehicle's technological features, such as its infotainment, connectivity and drive-assist systems. Journalists examine how these features enhance the driving experience and driver safety. They also evaluate the usability and ease of use of these features for drivers and passengers.

Ultimately, the goal of these road tests is to provide a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of each finalist vehicle in each category, in order to select the best vehicles of the year. The results of these tests are used in conjunction with the other criteria to determine the Award winners, providing consumers with a reliable and unbiased source to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Based on these criteria, the editorial team determines the finalists in each category and then selects the Award winners. The results are announced and published annually on the website.

About the trophy

The trophy is usually created specifically for each edition of the Awards and is designed to reflect the aesthetics and values of the brand. It usually consists of a solid metal or plastic base, upon which rests a figurine or abstract form that symbolizes victory and excellence in the automotive industry. Award winners receive their trophies at an annual awards ceremony, where they are honoured for their contributions to the automotive industry and their innovation in the design and manufacture of high-quality vehicles. The Trophy is considered a prestigious mark of recognition in the automotive industry and represents a significant achievement for the automakers who receive it.

Since when as Auto123 handed out its annual awards to winners of the automotive categories? has been organizing the Awards since 2010, meaning they have existed for well over a decade now.

Over the years, the Awards have become a prestigious reference for consumers and professionals in the automotive industry. They are considered a reliable and unbiased source of information for car buyers seeking advice on the best vehicles of the year in each category.

Since its inception, the Awards have recognized the most innovative and best performing vehicles of the year, highlighting excellence in the automotive industry. With each new edition of the Awards, continues to strengthen its position as the leader in automotive journalism in Canada.