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10 wagons that'll make you want to sell your SUV

Ten different models of wagons are currently available on the Canadian market. Here’s a comprehensive guide for consumers looking to buy one of these long-roof cars.

2017 Hybrid and Electric Car Guide

The story of the electric and hybrid vehicle market is one of steady growth. If you’re considering buying one in the near-future or sometime down the road, offers yo... Buyer's Guide - Car gadgets

TomTom GO LIVE 1535 MWhy: Launched in October, the GO LIVE 1535 M is TomTom's first GPS to offer the HD Traffic and LIVE services in Canada. The latter gives you access to usefu...

Best engines of 2017 according to Wards

What are the 10 best engines of 2017? The editors at WardsAuto have published their latest ranking, which includes seven turbos and three hybrids. For the first time in 23 years...

Car buying Tips: Before You Go Shopping

Ladies, we are master shoppers, ingenious detectives adept at finding a great deal, and our sense of direction in a mall is impeccable! So why is it that the thought of shopping...

Consumers Reports : 10 worst values vehicles

Consumers Reports published a list of the 10 worst values on the road. They calculated some data like price, fuel economy and reliability.

MINI in 2017: A MAXI Guide!

What does the 2017 MINI catalogue hold? offers a quick overview that will provide useful information to potential buyers. Check out pricing, technical specs, photos ...

New Winter Tires

I know it might seem slightly depressing to think about next winter before this one is even over, but hear me out. As this cold season comes to a close, you'll want to start con...

Safety Features

Today's vehicles include a host of safety features which help drivers avoid making potentially fatal mistakes. Of course, these devices are not infallible.

Should You Buy a New or Used Car?

Time to replace your car? That means it’s time to decide whether to buy new or used. Here are the pros and cons of buying a used car according to the experts at CARPROOF.

The ABCs of car insurance

Finally, you are now in possession of your vehicle! But before taking the road, you need some insurance! In Quebec, you can't drive legally if your vehicle is not insured.

Tire Shopping Made Easy

Shopping for tires is time consuming and frustrating. In short: A pain! At least that's what George Silagadze, Founder and CEO of discovered last year when he tri...

Vehicle Safety

Some people are afraid of everything, while others fear nothing. The former may drive around in vehicles that come with a full arsenal of safety features and cutting-edge techno...

What you need to know about vehicle financing

There is one basic rule that applies when calculating the maximum amount that you can invest in the monthly payments for a new vehicle, whether you buy or lease.

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