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Importing European diesel cars in North America

Can I import a Mazda CX5 or 6 diesel or order special cars like the one at 3:45 in this video?

Vehicles like the one you saw in the SEMA video aren't always ordered by a specific person, but instead are internally shipped and worked on by the company or a few companies working together (manufacture/aftermarket parts/design/etc.).

That particular diesel CX-5 was created for someone in particular, but was not ordered specifically by him. While you can import vehicles to the US and Canada from Europe, there are strict rules that adhere to this, such as the age of the car, emissions, crash ratings, etc. 

True, celebrities and the rich and famous in general are usually privy to items and products the general, paying consumer is not, but that's not always about them having money to do so. Sometimes it's about the company/manufacturer wanting to promote its product (as is the case with Mazda and the Dempsey CX-5) by showcasing it and slapping a celebrity association on top of it for a real fame approach. Essentially they may be giving their products to celebrities to drive/wear/promote. So, it's usually the company themselves who ship these "special" products to countries they normally wouldn't be seen in in order to create a buzz or a stir and get the public talking about their brand and what they can do. Hope this clears things up a bit for you!