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1.Travelling by car and auto insurance: 5 things you need to know

Do you often travel by car outside Quebec? To avoid hassles, it’s always better to be prepared and make sure your auto insurance coverage is adequate before you hit the road!

Access to car insurance

In all provinces of Canada, it is mandatory for motorists to be insured against damages caused to other parties in the event of a road accident.

Calculating insurance premiums

The cost of your car insurance in Canada is determined by several factors. When you obtain a new insurance plan, your insurer takes these factors as they pertain to you and your...

Car insurance in Canada

In Canada, all provinces require that their residents who operate a motorized vehicle obtain insurance for damages to other parties.

Car insurance lexicon

Car insurance lexicon

Car Insurance Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction!

Here’s a short true-or-false car insurance exercise that should clear some things up for you.

Car theft in Canada

Car theft is a serious problem in Canada, and one that entails a cost for everyone. In fact, if you are a car owner, approximately 10% of your insurance premium is due to theft ...

Distracted at the wheel: Danger!

Nous avons souvent tendance à sous-estimer le problème de la distraction au volant lorsqu'il est question de sécurité routière.

Green cars help you save

The number of electric and hybrid cars in the Canadian market is slowly but surely on the rise. In fact, recent years have seen a number of Canadian car manufacturers bring elec...

How car insurance works

In many respects, insurance for your car works pretty much the same as it does in any other category of insurance. Large numbers of insured people pay premiums into plans, which...

How To Save Money On Car Insurance: 10 Tips

Owning a car isn’t cheap, but there are ways to save on the car insurance you need. The following tips, compiled by, will help you save money and keep your car insura...

Ignition interlock systems

To help fight back against the serious problem of car theft in Canada, the Insurance Bureau of Canada offers a comprehensive theft-deterrence program. Among other recommendation...

In Quebec, Who Is at Fault in the Event of an Accident?

Demystify the world of car insurance and learn how car insurance claims are handled in the province of Quebec.

Insuring a new vehicle

Looking to buy a new vehicle? Take a moment to review these tips regarding new car insurance before you set out to purchase your next vehicle.

Insuring a used car

Choosing insurance for a used car is not very different from insuring a new vehicle. The type of vehicle you choose will be just as influential in determining your insurance rates.

Lending or borrowing a car?

There is often confusion surrounding the issue of whether you are insured when you borrow a car or lend out your car.

Making a complaint against your insurance company

A number of organizations and resources are available to Canadian consumers who have made a complaint against their insurance company and are not satisfied with the ruling they’...

Reduce the cost of your car insurance: 6 tips

There are a number of ways that you can reduce the cost of your car insurance. First and foremost, your driving record is highly influential in determining your insurance premiums.

Repair or replace?

This section explains how insurers determine whether to repair or replace a vehicle after a car accident.

Responsibility in Case of a Road Accident

How Canadian car insurance companies and determine responsibility in the event of a road accident can seem like a mysterious process. In truth, calculation of responsibility for...

Secrets of Car Insurance as Explained by CAA-Quebec

Here are eight car insurance secrets that insurance agents and brokers likely prefer keeping for themselves – in other words, things you won’t hear them say… unless you ask the ...

Submitting a claim

Need to submit a car insurance claim in order to get indemnified for property damage or personal injury? It’s important to contact your insurer as soon as possible!

The 15 Car Insurance Myths Unveiled

The following myths, compiled by, will help you sort what’s fact and what’s fiction in the world of car insurance.

The ABCs of car insurance

Finally, you are now in possession of your vehicle! But before taking the road, you need some insurance! In Quebec, you can't drive legally if your vehicle is not insured.

The accident report and the joint report

When it comes to filling out an accident report, no province other than Quebec requires you to fill out and submit a specific document to your insurer. However, in the event of ...

The car insurance contract

A car insurance contract is simpler to understand than you might think. The insurance contract generally consists of three sections: civil liability, property damage and persona...

Tips before buying a car

Whether it’s new or used, a car represents an important purchase. Before buying a car and car insurance to go with it, don’t hesitate to get the information you need from insure...

Updating your car insurance

To avoid any possibility of litigation or confusion with your insurance company, it is important to update your car insurance policy whenever your personal situation changes. Wh...

Useful resources and links

Consult these useful resources and links to do with car insurance in Canada and in each of its provinces.

Winter Tires

Winter tires can help keep your car insurance costs down in the long term. Winter tires are specially designed to perform better and more efficiently on snow and ice, reducing t...

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