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If you're a Boomer looking to use some of that new-found disposable income to get into the collector car game, you'll be delighted to know that many of the cars of your youth are being picked as "sleepers" to increase in value.

According to Hemmings Motor News, which bills itself as the "bible of the old car hobby," there are 10 overlooked cars that have strong chances to feature "potential future appreciation in the collector marketplace, which is fast becoming dominated by Baby Boomer buyers."

Hemmings editor Dave Brownell, who rates the cars in the September issue of Special Interest Autos, says he followed two basic criteria when selecting the cars: it must be available for under US$10,000, and preferably well under that figure; and several years of the same model should have been produced to broaden the collector's chance of finding a good example.

From there, Brownell's "analysis of price and collecting trends in the hobby winnowed thousands of potential models" to the top ten.

Brownell underscores the point that choosing a collector car strictly for investment purposes should best be left to the pros and dealers. He says that versions of these cars "should be picked primarily because they appeal to you, so if you never make a cent on the car, you'll still have a car you enjoy owning and driving."