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Back-to-school days: A reminder to drive safely all year long!

Hundreds of thousands of children across Canada are returning to school these days, but many of them are still carrying that carefree attitude from their summer vacations. Since accidents can’t all be avoided, numerous safety campaigns were launched by police and the government to minimize injuries as much as possible.

In most towns, everybody teams up to make sure kids safely get to their classrooms. Police presence around schools is increased, paramedics hand out brochures to children and their parents, and some little boys and girls agree to serve as school crossing guards for the week. Car drivers are also reminded to obey the 30 km/h speed limit in school zones. 

Safe driving goes beyond the first week of September
While special measures are taken to limit accidents during those first back-to-school days, drivers need to exercise caution the rest of the year, too. And even if there’s a crossing guard around, you should still keep an eye out for wayward children who may run into the middle of the street at any given time or others who may hide between two parked cars.

If you choose to drive your kids to school, please don’t accelerate like crazy just after dropping them off. I know you don’t want to be late for work, but you will miss your entire meeting if you cause an accident. Also, don’t park your car in designated school bus areas, even for just a minute.

More importantly, obey all stop signs on school buses in order to avoid hitting a kid and receiving a fine along with several demerit points. Always be mindful of any pedestrian or cyclist who may be crossing the street at the same time as you. 

Have a great school year and drive safely!