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All of this high-tech material is kept on the road through two different pairs of tires, starting with 245/45R18W at the front and finishing with 275/40R18W at the back. Prices have not been announced, but you might get some idea of where the Z8 is headed when you consider that Nickel describes it as being in the "supreme segment."

The Bond film is called The World Is Not Enough and stars Pierce Brosnas as 007, John Cleese as R (assistant to the gadget-providing Q), Sophie Marceau as oil heiress Elektra King, Denise Richards as a nuclear scientest called Dr. Christmas Jones, and Oscar winner Dame Judi Dench as M, Bond's boss.

The Z8 duals to the death with a chainsaw-carrying helicopter on the London docks, courtesy of various Bond villains lead by Robert Carlyle of Hamish MacBeth and The Full Monty fame.