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GM builds hydrogen-powered Chevy Colorado for U.S. Army

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The latest fuel cell vehicle that’s being developed by the auto industry is the work of General Motors. And believe it or not, it’s based on the new Chevy Colorado midsize pickup truck.

That’s right: GM and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center (TARDEC) are modifying a Colorado to run on a commercial hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system. They will later expose the truck to the extremes of daily military use for a full year.

FYI, the automaker and TARDEC have fuel cell research and development facilities located just 20 minutes apart in Pontiac and Warren, Michigan. The exact location of the Colorado conversion has not been disclosed, however.

Fuel cell propulsion has attractive characteristics to both commercial and military use, including very high low-end torque capability useful in off-road environments, exportable electric power, and quiet operation. What's more, fuel cells generate water as a by-product, something extremely valuable in austere environments.

Further details about this hydrogen-powered Chevy Colorado will be announced in the next few months.