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Chrysler Canada will add three new appearance packages to its PT Cruiser lineup in 2002, one involving a full paint job, one involving a tape kit, and one involving a partial paint job.

The full paint job model is the Dream Cruiser Series 1 edition, which DaimlerChrysler says will be limited to 7500 units and is the first of what's promised to be an annual offering of special exterior looks.

The tape kit creates the Woodie Edition and the partial paint job creates the Flame Décor Package. There'll be no attempt to limit the volume of those models.

Different exterior colors and exterior looks are already widely available in the aftermarket, but Chyrsler hopes to win some of the business for itself with these three factory processes.

Dream Cruiser Series 1 will be available in February with an MSRP of $29,320 for the manual transaxle version and $30,350 for the automatic transaxle version (prices include $810 for destination).

Dream Cruiser for 2002 will be painted Inca Gold, which is a chrome-yellow gold with a metallic sparkle.

In addition to Inca Gold paint, the vehicle will feature a "Dream Cruiser, Series 1" chrome badge on the liftgate, 16-inch MOPAR chrome wheels with customized gold center caps, and bright PT Cruiser graphics.

Inside, a special plaque will be integrated into the instrument panel that gives the production number of the particular unit and says "Dream Cruiser, Series 1."