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The Boys are Definitely Back

It’s official.: According to a recent Tweet by Clarkson himself, filming for the brand new Amazon Prime motoring show has begun! We are so excited we can barely contain ourselves. And by the looks of the picture Clarkson posted, they’re off to a good start with the vehicle lineup (despite having what he calls a “skeleton crew”). 

Ever since the Clarkson Kerfuffle, the three former Top Gear men have been the talk of the town and the media world as we all waited with baited breath to see where they’d end up and what kind of show they’d be producing. While they teased at ITV and even NetFlix, it was the online mogul, Amazon Prime that won out in the end. 

Still without a name, the Amazon Prime motoring show will surely be as entertaining and petrol-filled as the BBC show we all came to know and love. As there’s still no launch date for the nameless car show hosted by the three UK lads, we’ll continue to stalk Clarkson, Hammond and May’s Twitter feeds to see what they’re up to and wait for the latest news and updates.