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French Bimodal Electric Car to be Unveiled at COP21

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French company Lohr Industrie will be unveiling its new bimodal electric car at the COP21 climate conference in Paris. The Cristal, as the vehicle is known, is 100% electric and features a revolutionary design that allows it to be used both as an individual, stand-alone transportation vehicle for private individuals as well as part of a multi-unit configuration for public transportation. Up to four of the individual Cristal cars can be attached to create a vehicle able to hold 58 passengers in total.

Lohr Industrie, based in the Alsace region of France, has developed the Cristal all-electric vehicle with the aim of filling the final gap in public transportation from main thoroughfares to individual neighborhoods.

Still in its prototype stage, the Cristal will be displayed as part of the COP21 Solutions exposition in the Grand Palais in Paris under the umbrella of the COP21 conference. Thereafter Lohr Industrie will be testing the Cristal in urban trial runs in French cities Strasbourg and Montélimar, with expanded usage in Europe expected to begin in early 2017.

Photos: Facebook