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F1: Carlos Ghosn frustrated by ''Mercedes domination'' talk

From GMM

Losing is just a "normal" part of competing, Renault chairman Carlos Ghosn insists.

Just as crisis-struck Ferrari is grappling for traction at the start of the turbo V6 era, so too is reigning world champion Red Bull's French engine supplier.

Arguably, Renault erred even more than Ferrari with its first attempt at the all-new 'power unit' regulations, but Ghosn on Wednesday insisted Mercedes' "dominance" should not be overstated.

"This year, Mercedes is in the lead," Ghosn is quoted by the French language La Presse. "But when you compete, you cannot win all the time. At some point, you have to accept that. Over the last four or five years, the Renault engine won all the championships in formula one."

But he said that success and failure in formula one are not always equally treated by the media.

"When we win, it's not at all 'the domination of French technology', but now, the first time the Germans are ahead, we see all about the 'domination of Mercedes'," said Carlos Ghosn.

F1 Renault engine Red Bull RB10
Renault V6 turbo hybrid engine installed in the Red Bull RB10. (Photo: WRi2)