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F1: Typhoon Phanfone promises exciting racing and difficult hangover in Japan

From press release

Despite being 1000 km away from Suzuka, Typhoon Phanfone will have a direct impact on the racing at the Japanese Grand Prix.

According to UBIMET, the FIA's official weather partner, it will almost certainly rain during the race, which always makes things interesting in F1.

If Typhoon Phanfone promises some exciting racing on the track, it's not all positive as the heaviest rain and strongest winds are expected after the race, when teams will be heading out to Russia for the next race.

''More problematic will be the demobilization and onward transport of the equipment to Sotchi, where the next Grand Prix will be run," confirmed meteorologists Steffen Dietz and Andy Swan.

"The main body of the typhoon will impact most of Honshu on Sunday night with gusts of up to 120 kph and torrential rain over a few hours. Disruption to transport out of Nagoya airport is almost certain."

It's going to be even worst probably for the people of Japan, who will have to deal with the after effects of Phanfone.

"Although no longer a Super Typhoon, the storm will produce widespread flooding and storm damage," added the UBIMET statement.