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HGrégoire Success Repeating Itself in U.S.

One of the industry leaders in the new and used car industry in Quebec is enjoying a run of remarkable growth in Florida. Established in 2010, HGrégoire’s banner is the second largest in the Sunshine State. Even more impressive, it is now among the ten largest independent dealership groups in all of the United States.

“Residents as well as our Quebec snowbirds have embraced us with open arms. Our objective, in penetrating the American market, focused on the long term and rested on a willingness to change the status quo by offering customers a new universe in the automotive services domain, both online and in person.”

- John Hairabedian, president, HGrégoire benefits from a 100,000-sq ft facility in the city of Doral in Miami-Dade county, in addition to a luxury dealership, HGreg Lux, located in Pompano in Broward County. The company also plans to open several new dealerships in the region and in surrounding areas soon.

Like HGrégoire in Canada, the success of in Florida rest on a practical and friendly customer experience, technological innovation, quality control, advantageous warranties and a business culture that ventures beyond traditional commission-driven business models.

“We evaluate each of our initiatives according to the perspective of the customer. Our goal is to offer clients a fluid, pleasant and worry-free shopping experience, from the moment they first consult our website to when they leave our dealership at the wheel of their new car.”

- John Hairabedian

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