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It happened on September 17th: Aston Martin DB5 stars in Goldfinger

September 17th, 1964 marked the world premiere of Goldfinger, the iconic James Bond movie which featured an Aston Martin DB5.

Instead of red, the producers opted to have the car painted in Silver Birch to make it look stealthier. The DB5 became just as popular as Goldfinger. In fact, it's still one of the most famous cars in the history of film.

James Bond's DB5 included:
  • Bulletproof windshield, side glass, and rear window;
  • Revolving licence plate for France (4711-EA-62), England (BMT216A), and Switzerland (LU6789);
  • GPS dashboard with tracking device
  • Armrest controls for smoke screen, oil slick, front wing machine guns, and rear bulletproof screen;
  • Shifter-controlled passenger ejector seat;
  • Tire slashers.
The success of Goldfinger and the DB5 was such that people forgot about Aston Martin's win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a DB1 driven by Roy Salvadori and some guy named Carroll Shelby.

Source : Wikipedia

Aston Martin DB5 stars in Goldfinger
Photo: RM Auctions