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To reinforce the notion of the "Consistent upward expansion of BMW's multi-marque strategy," the Munich-based car maker has announced that it will introduce an all-new Rolls-Royce luxury saloon in 2003.

Nothing was said about the vehicle we can expect at that time, but BMW talked some about how important it is for the company's image.

In a press release, the company says that, "From January 1, 2003, the BMW Group, which acquired the rights to the marque name in 1998, will be assuming full responsibility for this world-famous automobile marque, thus rounding up its multi-marque strategy at the top end of the market, as planed from the beginning."

Furthermore, "While the resources of the entire Group will naturally be available for the fulfillment and implementation of this demanding challenge, BMW confirms that there were no doubts right from the start that production of the new car would be in Great Britain."

Karl-Heinz Kalbfell, the senior manager in charge of the BMW Group's marque and product strategy, has assumed the overall management of this project in addition to his existing tasks.

He says, "Launching new models, we will guide this truly outstanding marque into a successful and modern future. These will be authentic Rolls-Royce cars with a modern interpretation of all the traditional values that make this name so fascinating and thus give it our greatest respect."