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Rinspeed Budii concept gears up for Geneva Motor Show (video)

When autonomous driving meets science-fiction By ,

The tuning experts at Rinspeed will unveil the Budii concept at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, fully intent to transform the automobile and the man-machine relationship forever. If you think today's autonomous driving systems represent the pinnacle of technology, you have seen nothing yet.

Allowing control through a user's smartphone or watch, Budii is more than just a car; it's a way of life. Say you want to go jogging but don't feel like returning home by foot; the “Follow Me” function will ensure Budii follows your every move. Tired of driving after several hours on the road? Just hand the reins over to the front-seat passenger using the steering column switch function, or else activate auto pilot!

Wait, there's more: Budii can even prepare you a hot bath on your way home, simply by selecting this option on the touchscreen. You can also open the curtains, start the coffee maker, and raise the temperature inside your house right from the comfort of your car.

The following video shows the various capabilities of Budii and what the not-so-distant future has in store for us. The only thing missing? Maybe a transporter a la Star Trek!