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Chrysler Crossfire Convertible Expected for 2005

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Chrysler Should Make Big Gains in Europe with the Crossfire

Expected in 2005, the Crossfire convertible is a natural. It is to incorporate a classic fabric top and unique roll bar hoops, benefiting both safety and styling. (Photo: Automobilwoche)

As reported Automobilwoche, a German automotive news magazine, the Chrysler group has plans to introduce a convertible version of the Chrysler Crossfire as soon as spring 2005. The 'insider information' came by way of sources in the supplier community and at DaimlerChrysler itself.

It is said that DaimlerChrysler will show drop top Crossfire concept at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

As expected the new model is to be produced at the Karmann facility in Osnabruck, Germany alongside the new coupe.

The Crossfire is not overly expensive, in comparison to premium European brands, considering its distinctive design and trickle-down Mercedes-Benz technology. This puts it into a unique category no competitive American brand can directly challenge. (Photo: Trevor Hofmann, Canadian Auto Press)

The stylish coupe, sporting a Mercedes-Benz sourced 3.2-L V6, begins production in March and will be available in North America later this spring. The annual build projection is 20,000 units.

The new convertible, that features a traditional cloth folding top, will no doubt be a popular addition in both Europe and the domestic market.