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Les prix du nouveau BMW X5 canadien sont annoncés

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The BMW X5 has been given a highly anticipated update with new power and performance combined with the handsome and stately looks that made the famous German SUV famous. BMW says that the attractive and refined new exterior presents a sleeker and more dynamic presence, one
(Photo: BMW)
that is unmistakably an X5 through and through. It's called a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) now, and it's set to arrive in a BMW dealership near you this November.

When it does, it will almost certainly set the benchmark for the segment that the original X5 created.

Two engines will be available. The first is a highly sophisticated 3.0 litre inline six cylinder that generates an impressive 260 horsepower. The powerplant is fitted with variable valve timing and offers increased fuel efficiency and power over the previous model. 0-100 kilometers per hour comes up in 8.3 seconds. A 6-speed automatic steptronic gearbox is the only transmission offered with the 3.0 litre engine.

The upgraded engine is a 4.8 litre V8 with 350 horsepower. Using the same valve timing technology as the six-cylinder engine, the V8 also boasts respectable economy. Performance is exhilarating, with 100 kph approaching in just under 7 seconds. The sole transmission offered with the V8 powered model is also a six-speed automatic gearbox, confirming that a manual transmission is no longer available. The automatic box
(Photo: BMW)
promises crisp, quick gear changes, aiding in the performance. Fitted alongside the new gearbox is an electronic shifter with separate "park" button and an electro-hydraulic parking brake.

Power is delivered through BMW's X-Drive all wheel drive system, which BMW says is the most advanced traction optimization system in a sport utility vehicle.

Inside all models, passengers are treated to Nevada leather upholstery and kept safe by way of optional Active Steering and Adaptive Drive systems which combine anti roll stabilization and electronic damper control. It's the first SUV to come standard with run flat tires as well.

The current model X5 sold 580,000 units with the new model set to carry forward the sales success. The X5 3.0si model carries a starting price of $61,900 CAD with the powerful 4.8i model opening the bidding at $73,500.
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