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2019 Subaru Ascent: 4 Reasons to Buy (and 3 Reasons to Hesitate)

At, when we get our hands on a vehicle for a test drive, we try to think first and foremost from the point of view of the potential buyers, and determine if the model is a good purchase for them.

This week the new 2019 Ascent, which we currently have the keys to, has been a hot subject around the office, and we’ve already drawn some conclusions ahead of our full review. You should expect to see that review on our site within a week, so stay tuned!

Here’s a first overview of 7 elements we’ve explored so far.


1- Interior space

A worthy full-size SUV, the Ascent offers a massive cabin environment, for passengers as well as for cargo. We’ve seen manufacturers of other vehicles in the category mismanage that space and offer less then they might. Not the Ascent. You can fit any number of combinations of people and gear in large quantities.

2- The second row of seats

It stands to reason that those in the market for a 7- or 8-person vehicle will be putting the second row to regular use! The Ascent’s sits on rails, so even the tallest member of your family or entourage will benefit from ample, comfortable space. Better yet, access is made easy thanks to the really wide angle the doors open at. Smart.

3 – Confidence-inspiring drive

You can’t realistically expect an SUV to be as nimble on the road as a car, but things have improved greatly in recent years. We won’t go so far as to bandy around the words sporty or exhilarating when it comes to the Ascent driving experience, but we will say we’re finding that it drives strangely like… a car. The SUV inspires confidence, aided by solid braking and great road stability.

 4 – Regular gas!

Despite the Ascent having a turbo engine under the hood, it is not necessary to fill it with super gasoline to get optimal performance. With current pump prices being what they are, that’s a very, very good thing.


5- The third row

While second-row passengers are luxuriating in roomy comfort, those behind might be in a different frame of mind. As is often the case in even full-size SUVs, the third row gets less-generous space, and the Ascent is no exception. That row is good for kids, but…

6 – The CVT (Continuously variable transmission)

The main virtue of the continuously variable transmission is that it allows for reducing fuel consumption in comparison with an automatic transmission. The other side of the coin is that, when it’s time to accelerate, the screaming from the engine is anything but enjoyable. Subaru has equipped the Ascent’s system with simulated virtual gears, but this hasn’t eliminated the screeching altogether.

7 – Fuel consumption

Speaking of fuel consumption, The Ascent acquits itself well on the highway, but in the city it’s another story. This is worth factoring in if you think you’ll be doing a lot of driving in urban environments. Our average, in mainly city driving? 13.5L/100 km.

Take note that we have not looked at included equipment and connectivity systems, as these vary depending on the trim. The elements brought up here concern the 2019 Subaru Ascent in general.

Make sure to check out our full review soon!