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Regulation of fuel consumption

Do you have details on the regulations concerning the 2016 fuel consumption?

Legal recourse for a lemon

I have a lemon. What recourse do I have?


Where can I verify if there are recalls on my car without going through the dealer?

Vehicle prices

Why are the prices of vehicles advertised on manufacturer sites higher than yours.

Retreaded tires

What do you think of retreaded tires?

Winter tires for 17-inch wheels

Which very good quality winter tires do you recommend for 17-inch wheels?

HANKOOK winter tires

What do you think of HANKOOK winter tires?

Studded tires

I am against the use of studded tires (nails) because they cause windshield breakage, have a faulty grip, and are even dangerous on clear roadways. What do you think?

High-intensity DischargeĀ (HID) headlights

What are the regulations for the HID headlights in Quebec? Do you know quality brands for these and where can you buy them?

Damaged paint

Why does my car's paint get easily damaged?

Vehicle serial number

Where is the serial number or the VIN on my vehicle?

Number of seatsĀ 

How many seats are available in the Dodge Journey?