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Top 2017 summer and all-season tires

What are the best summer and all-season tires for your car or your truck in 2017? Make sure to check out the latest rankings!

Continental ExtremeContact Sport, a new ultra-high-performance tire

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport is a new ultra-high-performance tire that proves ideal for sports cars and luxury vehicles. Learn more about it here!

Bridgestone unveils new Firestone All Season tire

Yokohama Finds Creative Way to Show Tire Superiority

What do a surfboard, a rodeo saddle and a pair of racing shoes have in common? All three give Yokohama Canada the opportunity to demonstrate the superior quality of its tires.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Pushes the Performance Envelope Even Further

Uniroyal Tiger Paw AWP 3: More Comfort, Less Noise

Toyo Observe G3 Ice: End of Season Review

End of winter often means end-of-winter snowstorms, and that's exactly what we got, just as we were wrapping up our long-term test of the Toyo Observe G3 Ice tires on the 2017 C...

Soon on Don’t miss our 2017 summer tire and accessory guides

Need new summer tires and accessories this year? Don’t miss our 2017 buyer's guides and reviews soon on!

Toyo Observe G3 Ice Long-Term Test: Mid-Winter Report

The Toyo Observe G3 Ice delivers surprising grip and safety whether in the snow or on icy surfaces. Here's a recap midway through the cold season.

Mazda Ice Academy : Lots of fun in the snow!

Early this year, Mazda invited a few members of the automotive press to the inaugural Mazda Ice Academy in Colorado. was on hand. If you missed this article, go read...

Winter Tires

Winter tires can help keep your car insurance costs down in the long term. Winter tires are specially designed to perform better and more efficiently on snow and ice, reducing t...

Toyo Observe G3 Ice Long-Term Test

How does the Toyo Observe G3 Ice winter tire fare on snow- and ice-covered roads? We are testing it for you!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Winter tires, snow, ice, cold… reminds you to drive safely and ensure your car is properly equipped. Our 2016-2017 Winter Tire Guide will help you!

Winter is here; has got you covered!

Need winter tires and accessories or perhaps some useful winter driving tips? has all the information to help you make the right decision.

Worn winter tires: how safe are they?

Are your winter tires a few seasons old? Their level of wear directly affects your safety on the road, as evidenced by Kal Tire’s latest tests.

Getting your car ready for winter is about more than just your tires

Winter tires are just a start. Drivers need to be fully prepared to take on the cold conditions. Follow these 10 recommendations.

Bridgestone asks: “Are you ready for winter?”

Bridgestone once again urges Canadians to prepare for the winter driving season by following these few simple recommendations. Read on.

Winter tires: Calculating tire wear and preventing it

You want to know if your winter tires are still safe for the upcoming cold season without having to ask your local mechanic? Here are various methods to calculate winter tire wear.

Do you have proper winter tires for your car?

Pretty soon, most drivers in Canada will have to deal with snow, slush, and ice on the road. Do you have the proper tires for your car, your truck or your SUV?

Overview of Winter Tires for 2016-2017

Here are the pros and cons of selected brands and models of 2016-2017 winter tires.

Dunlop Winter Sport featured in crazy stunt

The Dunlop Winter Sport tire is featured in a crazy stunt where a skier jumps over a Porsche Macan riding uphill. You have to see this!

RWC: A factory-original look for your light-alloy wheels

Grand Prix Import of Montreal specializes in producing and selling, under the RWC name, light-alloy replicas of factory-original wheels from the biggest car manufacturers, among...

Vredestein Wintrac xtreme S ideal for the cold, not just winter

Vredestein is a premium tire brand you may not be familiar with. Here’s an overview focusing on its Wintrac xtreme S tire.

Pirelli launches its new Cinturato Winter tire

With the Cinturato Winter tire, Pirelli proposes maximal safety in all types of conditions, enhanced driving pleasure, and a comfort level normally associated with summer tires.

Top 2015-16 Utility Winter Tires

Winter is coming! Make sure you're ready with the right tires!

Michelin’s Winter Driving Academy continues to guide drivers (video)

Michelin’s Winter Driving Academy offers many training sessions for drivers looking to survive and even enjoy winter on the road. Watch.

Winter Tire Review: Toyo Observe GSi5

The Toyo Observe GSi5 is one of the best winter tires in the medium price range. Learn more about it here.

Winter Tires: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

To help you choose the right winter tires, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions with answers.

1. 2016-2017 Winter Tires, Tips and Accessories

The 2016-2017 season for winter tires starts today on the website. Are you ready?

Goodyear UltraGrip Ice SUV delivers performance in extreme winter conditions

Discover the new technologies at work in the Goodyear UltraGrip Ice SUV, a performance tire designed to meet the specific requirements of extreme winter countries and SUVs.

Toyo Celsius all-weather tire explained in video

Toyo promises a higher degree of safety year-round with the new Celsius and Celsius CUV all-weather tires. Watch the video.

Toyo Celsius Tire Review

The Toyo Celsius is brilliant for mild winter conditions. For my neck of the woods, nothing replaces dedicated winter rubber, though.

Top 2015-16 Winter Tires

Winter is coming! Make sure you're ready with the right tires!