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2005 Chevy HHR WCC Custom Concept

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The WCC HHR Boasts Massive Rims, Massive Plasma Screens and Massive Audio

Chevy's HHR hadn't even hit the show stand yet and a California chop shop had modified it, prior to displaying it at the 2005

It hadn't even hit the stage at January's 2005 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, but Chevy's new HHR had already been chopped. (Photo: General Motors of Canada)
Greater Los Angeles Auto Show.

West Coast Customs, the customizer that is regularly featured on MTV's "Pimp My Ride", did the dirty work, chopping the roof, adding roll pans, a unique front fascia with blacked-out mesh grilles, massive multi-spoke rims and low-profile rubber.

It also gets a completely updated interior with two-tone blue-gray seats, dash, door panels and leather-wrapped steering wheel - the latter featuring a "W.C.C." logo at center.

GM describes the HHR as having "detailed, jewel-like instrument displays" and "chrome accents", and fortunately WCC leaves such details alone. The gauges, in stock trim, feature a unique inset tachometer that sits atop the larger speedometer, both surrounded by a thick

The WCC HHR features a completely non-stock audio-video system, replete with four ultra-large Directed-brand plasma screens. (Photo: General Motors of Canada)
chrome rim. Fuel and temperature gauges complement the package at each side, all featuring distinctly shaped needles.

Replacing the standard 6-speaker AM/FM/CD stereo, the WCC HHR features a completely non-stock audio-video system, replete with three ultra-large Directed-brand plasma screens embedded into the front console - overkill, no doubt - and another in the 1,787 liter (63.1 cubic foot) cargo bay, surrounded by twin aluminum-finish amps and two deep-dish Orion subwoofers. A "West Coast Customs" graphic caps off the modified cargo area, backlit in cool blue to accent the interior motif and exterior paint scheme.