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2008 Cadillac STS at the New York Auto Show

Refreshed for 2008, the Cadillac STS features new styling, safety and performance hardware, and a standard direct-injected V6 engine which produces the now-standard 300 ponies required of such a mill on duty in a premium sedan.

The V6 powered STS will produce 298 horsepower- up from the current model's 255. The current STS lineup includes a V6 or V8 engine, optional all wheel drive and a "V" designated performance model with the most powerful Cadillac engine ever built for a road-car. With so many drivetrain options to meet buyer needs, it's clear the STS has its priorities in place- standing shoulder to shoulder with the Germans.

The 2008 model flagship will also feature such technology as a lane departure warning system to alert wandering drivers of their errors, as well as an enhanced variable assist power steering system. Blind spot alerts are also available as a secondary electronic shoulder check while changing lanes.

The 2008 model will share a grille with the Sixteen concept- one which is closer in style to the current Escalade. LED taillamps provide rearward nighttime illumination, while the headlamps look to have been revised as well.

It's perhaps not a huge update, but one that puts the looks and spec-sheet of the STS on par with its goals.
photo:General Motors