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2009 Targa Newfoundland (video)

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Mathieu St-Pierre
If you're a real car-nut and I say Newfoundland, what's the first thing that pops in your mind? Targa right? It has to be.

This event is monumental in pilots, co-pilots, cars and action. At nine years young, the Targa Newfoundland is the only event of its kind held in North America. It takes place in eastern and central Newfoundland over an 8-day period and covers 2,200 kilometres with scenery and competition that cannot be found anywhere else.

The full episode of the 2009 edition of the competition will air in early (still to be determined) so keep on the looking for more details in your local listings.

Below is the teaser video preceding the special show.

The 2010 Targa Newfoundland to be held between September 11 and 18th.

photo:Targa Newfoundland
Mathieu St-Pierre
Mathieu St-Pierre
Automotive expert