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2010 Lincoln MKZ AWD Review

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Rob Rothwell
More Lincoln-like and Better Refined for 2010
The days of personal land yachts met their demise long ago, replaced by smaller, more fuel-efficient variants. It’s taken sometime for those replacements to hit their stride in becoming true luxury vehicles, such is the case with Lincoln’s MKZ.

My tester was tagged at $49,279 due primarily to a Navigation Package and a Sport Appearance package.

More dignified for 2010
The 2010 MKZ has undergone significant revision to bring it into the Lincoln fold aesthetically, as well as in quality, luxury and performance; all of those elements were addressed by the 2010 project team.

The vehicle’s new winged-grille design is resurrected from early Lincoln history, and now ties the family together visually. New LED taillights emphasize the vehicle’s width and again the distinctive Lincoln character.

Along with exterior modifications, a new cabin design has done away with the 1960s avant-garde look, as I saw it, dominating the earlier MKZ cabin. Despite the improved materials in use, including real aluminum and wood trim, the dashboard and instrument panel don’t inspire me greatly.

Some controls such as heating and cooling are now simpler to use and the back lit gauges look bright and clear day or night but the overall package leaves me content rather than hyped, front seats excluded. The wonderfully supportive, heated and cooled front perches in the MKZ are now shod in the finest leather, sourced from Bridge of Weir of the UK.

Improved operational refinement
In an effort to improve operational refinement, engineers attacked all sound-deadening elements within the MKZ’s structure with the goal of ensuring that the 2010 version spoiled its occupants with an even quieter automotive experience.

There’s no argument that MKZ is now a notably quiet, refined operator but the attendant engineers weren’t just after silence; they also focused on creating a full-throttle auditory experience that communicates power and polish.

Along with exterior modifications, a new cabin design has done away with the 1960s avant-garde look.
Rob Rothwell
Rob Rothwell
Automotive expert