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2010 Porsche 911 Targa 4 Review

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Mathieu St-Pierre
Targa Montreal!
As far as the Targa 4 is concerned, it is every bit a 911 and should always be regarded as such. The advantage is that you've got a massive sunroof. Only problem with it is that it seriously cuts into rearward visibility when lowered. Tough.

Interior fit and finish is just about perfect and the gauges provide unadulterated information. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/

Porsche life

911 cabins always meet expectations. The seats hold you in place with the firm yet understanding grip of the school principal after you've been caught kicking the cafeteria bathroom paper dispenser because you could... (don't ask). The pedals are perfectly spaced for heel-toeing and the shifter can be manipulated as opposed to beaten into submission. Fit and finish is just about perfect and the gauges provide unadulterated information.

Despite all of this, I don't think I would ever spring for the Targa. Personally, I'm no fan of sunroofs and would simply get a Carrera 4 ($104,000), put the $9,700 difference towards the aforementioned options ($2,850 PASM, $1,310 Sport Chrono Plus and $3,830 Sports Exhaust System) and throw in the leather sport seats for an extra $1,090.

As a final note, every Porsche, nay, every car, should be equipped with Porsche's sport performance exhaust; the way it strong-arm's the exhaust gases into making them sound so thoroughly seductive would bring every neighbourhood closer to Heaven... In my books anyhow...
2010 Porsche 911 4
porsche 911 2010
2010 Porsche 911 4
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Mathieu St-Pierre
Mathieu St-Pierre
Automotive expert