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2011 Maybach Landaulet, a $1.4M luxury convertible

2011 Maybach Landaulet, a $1.4M luxury convertible

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Maybach today revealed details about the 2011 update to the Landaulet convertible. Still offering typical Maybach luxury and distinctive styling, the car will prove cleaner and more fuel-efficient than ever before.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

The unique aspect of the Landaulet, which is based on the 62 S, is the ability to expose the rear passenger quarters while maintaining a separation (in the form of translucent glass) with the driver. The latter can fully open the roof in a few seconds through a switch on the centre console that activates the electrohydraulic system.

A plethora of gadgets and rich materials await occupants. The supremely-comfortable reclining seats are made of the finest leather and incorporate a massage function. Convenient storage compartments abound and buyers can select almost all the optional features available on other Maybach models.

As always, the company offers the possibility to personalize the vehicle, which happens to use a 620-hp, 720-lb/ft V12 engine and cost a regal $1.4 million.