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Ferrari's EV Plant at Maranello Will Be Ready by Summer 2024

Ferrari's Maranello facility in Italy
Photo: Ferrari
Soon Ferrari will be selling both SUVs and electric vehicles Automotive expert , Updated:

•    The electric vehicle plant Ferrari is building at its Maranello facility in Italy will be operational by mid-June 2024.

Electrification has reached virtually all corners of the industry, and that includes Ferrari, quietly but surely making the shift. It’s a brave new world for a company known especially for producing sports cars with combustion engines that double as works of art. 

Nevertheless, Ferrari is forging ahead at Maranello. This week company CEO Benedetto Vigna said that construction of the additional EV plant being built at the facility is advancing well. IF that continues, the building will be completed by mid-June 2024. 

As for Ferrari's green shift, Vigna has already announced Ferrari’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Obviously, the new factory is crucial to achieving this goal. Ferrari will use it to manufacture components for hybrid vehicles and all-electric models. Interestingly, Ferrari will continue to manufacture its own motors, which will allow it to set its own standards in terms of performance, capacity and so on. 

Speculation is that the brand's first all-electric vehicle will be an SUV. As it did with the Purosangue, the company will exploit the SUV segment to broaden its market base. While the new factory should be operational by summer of 2024, the electric model isn't expected until the last quarter of 2025. Series production will really take off in 2026, it is reported. 

By then, Ferrari will need components for electrified vehicles, as its product family already includes the 296 GTB and SF90 Stradale hybrids. And more electrified models could be added, as the Italian firm aims for 60 percent of its sales in 2026 to come from hybrid or all-electric models. By 2030, the proportion will ideally rise to 80 percent, with an even split between hybrid and electric models. 

Which means we can expect to see several new Ferrari models equipped with a hybrid powertrain over the coming months and years. 

For aficionados, Ferrari has also indicated that it intends to retain some form of internal combustion vehicles in the future. We'll have to see what the company has in mind, but its moves could be impacted by future government restrictions in Europe that may allow only for the sale of all-electric vehicles.

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