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Mercedes-Designed Course To be Included in New Super Mario Maker Game

Nintendo’s new Super Mario Maker game will feature an event course called Mercedes-Benz Jump’n Drive, developed by the German luxury carmaker. In this course, Mario will drive a Mercedes-Benz GLA model, which can be added to players’ collection of Mario-Costumes in the game.

This marks the second collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Nintendo. The game Mario Kart 8 featured an appearance by the GLA, inspiring the manufacturer to develop a whole level that allowed the GLA to head out on the open road.

Nintendo’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing Scott Moffitt stated that he was happy to see that “a luxury car brand like Mercedes-Benz recognizes the ability to create fun courses and share them with others.”

The course for the Mercedes-Benz GLA will take the car through a variety of settings, including a visit at a dealership, an urban test drive and a spin on the German Autobahn. Nintendo, true to its heritage, promises some hidden surprises along the way as well.