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Audi A3 will come to Canada

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Audi A3 will come to Canada

Canada will at long last get the Audi A3, since VW of America has decided to import the upscale version of the VW Golf to North America next summer.

According to Jennifer Cortez of the Detroit-based firm, Canada and the U.S. will get the five-door version of the compact car in May or June of next year, but not the three-door version of the A3 that's already on sale in Europe, or at least not yet.

There are no pictures of the five-door model yet, but it's essentially a Golf in a more refined package. Cortez says photos of the A3 that we'll get might be available in a couple of months.

Cortez says the engines will likely be the 1.8T inline-four and the 3.2-litre from the Audi TT coupe/roadster.

Audi of America tested the old A3 model around Los Angeles for many years, but the thought was that it just wasn't right for North America. But now that Audi's chief competitors (BMW and Mercedes-Benz) are on the verge of bringing in smaller and less-expensive new models, VW apparently wants to compete in the market as well.

Bernice Holman, VW of America's PR person for Canada, says that she expects the A3 ''should be a good seller'' here.