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Bentley Azure T: Class and More

Automotive expert , Updated:
Bentley continues to aim high with its cars. No one can find fault with their level of refinement, that's for sure. And the brand hasn't made an exception with its all-new Azure T presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Nothing truly original, however, despite the manufacturer's claims. The Azure convertible takes up the design and finish of the current versions down to the last detail, those that ensured the vehicle's success. Yes, the wheels have been tweaked and the hood now boasts a retractable Bentley emblem à la Rolls Royce, but that's where the changes end.

It was greatly inspired by other models, though, namely the Arnage and the Brooklands, and uses the same engine, a V8 producing over 500 hp and 738 ft-lb of torque, the quality of which is undeniable. Thus equipped, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in under 5.3 seconds.

As for the rest, the Azure remains unchanged and definitely aristocratic. And with an aristocratic price tag to boot: the Azure T will go for 350,000 USD.