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BMW 3 Series : Used

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Justin Pritchard
E90 3 Series loved for driving experience
Watch for any “check engine” or other warning lights in the instrument cluster, too. A pre-purchase inspection by a trained BMW mechanic should be considered mandatory to ensure the 3 Series you’re looking at is in top-notch shape. While there, the mechanic can also check to see if any recall work is outstanding on the 3 Series you’re considering.

2011 BMW 3 Series dashboard
2011 BMW 3 Series (Photo: Matthieu Lambert)

The turbocharged 335i model is noted for excellent performance -- though shoppers should research well-known problems with the fuel injectors and high-pressure fuel pump (HPFP) before settling on one. If you don’t need the extra power, a non-turbo engine in your 3 Series will prove cheaper to buy, run and maintain.

The Verdict Of A Used BMW 3 Series: A pre-purchase inspection by a BMW mechanic should be considered mandatory ahead of your investment in a last-generation 3 Series. If it checks out, you’ll join a large and satisfied community of happy owners.
Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
Automotive expert