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BMW, Microsoft Teaming Up to Improve Voice Recognition Tech

German automaker BMW and tech giant Microsoft have announced a partnership that will see them work on several projects with the aim of improving man-machine interactions and the multimedia systems installed in vehicles.

One of the projects involves development of a new platform that will make conversations between human users and BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant voice control system more natural, convivial and accurate.

The future envisioned by BMW is one in which drivers can interact naturally with their vehicle through conversation. The vehicle, for example, can start a dialogue with the owner by reminding them that scheduled maintenance is due soon, and the dialogue can lead to a scheduling of an appointment

Drivers could also manage their personal emails and appointment calendars more easily while they’re out and about in their car.

Microsoft and BMW are looking at other possible projects they could work together on, and we’ll surely learn more about those in the coming months.

Photo: BMW