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BMW unveils it’s brand new 2016 3 Series

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BMW has been producing the 3 Series for 40 years now. Forty years. That’s a long time, and it’s also one of the reasons BMW is a household name, that more than 14 million have been sold worldwide, and why the 3 Series currently accounts for a quarter of all BMW sales and is their most successful model overall. 

When BMW launched the 3 Series, their intention was to create a vehicle with compact dimensions, great handling and performance and fuel economy. The 3 Series can also be credited to BMW design features known the world over such as the kidney grille and angel-eye double headlights. 

So, it was very important that BMW get this latest redesign just right and ensure the 3 Series maintain its stature in the industry and within the company. Well, on paper it seems they’ve done just that. 

Now in its sixth generation, BMW has unveiled the brand new 3 Series sedan and touring models. According to BMW, 3-cyl, 4-cyl, and 6-cyl engines, along with a 4-cyl diesel, will be featured in the 3 Series and are all from the EfficientDynamics engine family. 

While we surely won’t see all engines and/or trims in North America, BMW also announced they will introduce a 330e model, which is a plug-in hybrid that will consume as little as 2.1L/100km of fuel. 

For the first time, the BMW 3 Series will feature 4G connectivity for mobile devices, and the sedan will be sold in over 130 markets worldwide. 

2016 BMW 3 Series
bmw 3-series 2016
2016 BMW 3 Series
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