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Canadian Touring: Rémy Audette claims his fifth victory of the season!

The Audette Racing Team contested this weekend’s Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) doubleheader, presented on the Shannonville track near Belleville, Ontario. Rémy Audette made good use of the fifth event of the season by earning his fifth win of the season and therefore claiming victory in half of the races held this year !

Winner of Saturday’s race and second on Sunday, Rémy Audette had to call upon all of his motorsport experience in order to ensure his success this weekend.  In addition, the Quebec driver contested the two races in the Dimensions Doors / Novatech Acura RSX that is normally earmarked for his brother Mathieu, who was not taking part in this event, as was decided earlier in the season. Rémy explains the situation : "we installed a new engine in my Civic Si but it wasn’t as broken in as it should’ve been.  Knowing that I’m competing for the championship title, the Audette Racing Team didn’t want to take any risks so it was decided that I’d use the Acura.  As of Saturday’s race, we knew we had made the right decision !".

Qualifying in pole position for the first of the two races, Rémy Audette had a perfect start and managed to keep the lead for the entire duration of the race to win his fifth event of nine starts in the 2014 season. "It was one heck of a race ! I had Roger Ledoux’s Subaru behind me from the first lap until the last lap.  He was faster in certain sections but I held him off and managed to not give him enough space to pass me. It really was a great win and it always tastes just a little better when you have to battle from the start right until the end !" confides Rémy Audette.

On Sunday, Rémy was starting the race from the second spot on the grid.  By the first turn, he had dropped to fourth but he quickly took back two spots before finding himself fighting with Ledoux for the lead. "This time, the roles were reversed.  I was putting pressure on him but he didn’t let up nor did he commit any mistakes. At one point, I thought I could pass him but it would’ve meant braking really late and risking a collision, which I didn’t want to do. Our battle was intense but it has always been respectful" indicated the Audette Racing driver.

Rémy Audette therefore leaves Shannonville with a victory and a second place, which is much more than just satisfying to him : "it’s a great weekend.  The gap to Ledoux in the championship standings remains unchanged because we each had the same two finishing positions over the weekend. I’m still confident for the remainder of the season, though. Those races will take place on tracks where I’m super comfortable and have had success before," concluded Rémy.

The following CTCC outing for the Audette Racing Team wlll be in less than two weeks on Aug 7th to 10th, as part of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. Mathieu Audette will be back at the wheel of the Acura RSX, while Rémy gets back in his Dimensions Doors / Novatech Honda Civic Si. which will be tested prior to the race.